Thank you for your interest in our photography services. Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions and answers. Still don’t have the answer to your question? Please reach out!


Because we look at each individual photo to ensure optimal quality the editing process usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks. But you want to see a sneak peek right away and we get that. That is why we create a slideshow montage for your event highlights which you can share with friends and family and those images are uploaded to your personal gallery page where you can download and start sharing!

With all the planning and preparation that goes into your wedding day we understand how important your event is you. Not only do we have several photographers on staff that are experts at wedding photography there is always one photographer that stays on call on your big day just in case the unexpected happens. With our careful planning we will never miss any details.

Absolutely! All prices include the ownership of your images. There are no hidden fees and no limited on the number of images that we photograph.

Life happens! Our studio will work with you on your reschedule date. As well, everything you have paid toward your photography package will be 100% credited to the new date. There are no fees for rescheduling.

We don’t put a limit on the number of photos we take. Longer events will receive more images because we are there longer to photograph. Everything that we photograph will be given to you.

First and foremost, we want to make you feel comfortable not only with the camera but especially with me. As an expert in the field, it’s our job to see the best possible angles for you, to make the experience fun and give you suggestions and directions that would result in the best outcome. We don’t want to make things look too stiff or stoic but more casual and “ in the moment” and our direction will give you just that.

There are so many details involving a wedding. The venue should send you the itinerary for the day which in turn you will send to your vendors. At our studio, we will discuss with you how the photography portion fits into the timeline and make sure it’s realistic enough to give you what you want. We also encourage you to discuss your vision of styles of photos you like. Some brides create a Pinterest board and others don’t have a clue and just leave the creativity in our hands. We are good either way! We also highly suggest you providing us with a photo checklist of groups of people you want to have in your formal photos. This takes the responsibility off of your shoulders and onto ours so all you need to worry about it enjoying your day. We will guide you through the photography process to keep things efficient and organized. This list and the timeline discussion will be done 30 days before you wedding as to make room for minor changes if needed.

Professional Headshots

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend clients to update your professional headshot every 2 years, although it does depend on the person. However, there are a couple more instances whereby you should update your Professional Headshot less than every 2 years: Significant change in your look. Its important that you represent the current you.

Some basic rules of dressing for a professional headshot:

  • Wear sleeves. The focus should be on your face, and bare arms can draw attention elsewhere. Keep distractions at bay and cover your shoulders and arms.
  • Basic colors that create contrast with the background help make your professional headshot pop! A white shirt with a pure white background can be difficult on the eyes. Similarly, a loud pattern can take the attention away from your face.
  • Dress up a bit more than you do in the office. Show your clientele that you are trustworthy by dressing the part.
  • Depending what type of professional headshot package you get, bring a couple of different outfits for variety.

A well retouched photo should never look retouched. It should look like the best version of you! Retouching will lighten the eyes and teeth, remove blemishes and ease wrinkles. It will soften the skin while keeping the texture intact. The remaining skin texture will prevent the photo from looking manipulated. I will perform more or less retouching depending upon the client’s preference.

DC Metro Region Photographers

Labrozzi Studios provides photography services in the DC Metro region in the following areas: wedding engagement, bar and bat mitzvah, corporate, and headshots. Take a moment to see our work and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.



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