This themed photoshoot is designed to create a story that you can share with your loved ones. It’s not only a sentimental but also memorable experience. Themed Photoshoot is a unique and unique way to tell your story through photography. Unique, because it’s not going to be the same as anyone else’s and so it’ll be a whole different story that you want to tell.

Take a look at this stunning photoshoots I did a few weeks ago. The couples’ theme is vintage so the setting is in the Post World War II era. What I love about this shoot is its uniqueness. There’s also this excitement that comes with this photoshoot as the couples are obliged to dress up according to the theme they chose. This is one of the many themes all couples can ever think of. Maybe you can start down by identifying your same interests. It can be a movie, hobby, sports, or basically anything! It’s one way to express your engagement photoshoot as something that is about you and your partner, to celebrate yet another milestone as a couple before you become husband and wife.  You can save all those formal and intimate photos on your wedding.

We believe in delivering a photography experience like no other. From classic photos to high energy, get ready for a unique wedding photography style that’s fun, fresh and engaging! We’ll capture memories you’ll cherish for years to come and help you brainstorm any possible ideas for your themed engagement photoshoot.