It’s Time for a new Business Headshot!

I am often asked when is the right time for a new headshot. Some people have had the same headshot for ten years or longer.  Too long, my friends!  Don’t get me wrong; everyone would love to look like they did ten years ago. But the truth is headshots should be refreshed every 1 to 2 years. You always want to represent the current you.  Hair, facial features, and style change constantly, and you don’t want to date your image.

With that said, headshot protocol has changed through the years; a more casual and approachable look is what you want to strive for; however, this is not universal across the board.  For example, actors need various looks to convey mood and talent, from serious or edgy, to fun and approachable.  Depending on your profession, you want to bring your personality through your picture, much like the actor.  Real estate professionals need a more confident and friendly image, as this is the first thing a potential client will encounter if they have not met you in person.

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Having a studio background has its place for the past couple of decades, and there is still a need for that particular formal approach, but the trend now is going to more environmental settings.  Examples of this would be interactive images of meeting with clients, working on the computer, enjoying outside, etc.   You should have more than one look as social media platforms dictate different scenes/settings.

Take a look at some examples of our headshots. They range from traditional background shots to action shots and environmental shots.