So, you are engaged! Congratulations! What’s next?

After the excitement of that romantic proposal has made personal across your social circle and the date is picked out, so what’s next?  We all treasure weddings because most individuals do not get to repeat them. Other than picking out of the dress and assigning the roles of the bridal party, finding an experienced wedding photographer that will gel with your personality is essential.  After all, you will have that person in your face on your big day for 8 hours, if not longer.  You want a photographer that can deliver your vision without being intrusive or annoying. The best way to find out if a photographer aligns with the two of you is to do an engagement photoshoot.    This can actually give you a better idea of whether the photographer fits you.  A good photographer should capture the natural moments occurring in your wedding without making you pose in a certain way or even faking a smile that does not fit you. They have to deliver exceptional images that you will like.

I capture your wedding day in a natural way that will keep it real. I always talk to my couples beforehand, discussing what type (scenery/theme) they are looking to capture in their engagement shoot.  Whether it is rustic/farm setting or urban and edgy, I want to ensure that I understand and deliver what they want.  You will find brides that have no clue what type of engagement shoot is right for them. For such instances, I always encourage my couples to send a few images that appeal to their taste.  I advise them to refer to Pinterest and find a variety of different looks.   They may also get ideas that they may not even have thought of before, such as props.  I also discuss outfits with the bride and request her to bring a couple of different outfits in order to have two different looks.   Below is Caitlyn and Cameron’s engagement photoshoot.  We actually went back to the same location in two different moments in order to get two very different looks.

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